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Collection Sites


Please note: This page is for the convenience of current Hire Level clients only. You must have an account and the correct medical forms in order to proceed with an actual drug test. Do not send an applicant to a collection site unless you have established an account with us and have been issued Chain of Custody Forms. Your applicants will be turned away at the collection site.



Quest Diagnostics has a very extensive network of collection sites in the United States. There are several thousand sites available for drug screen collections.

Click on the button below and follow the instructions to locate a facility near you.

For “Reason for Testing”, please choose “Drug Screen” and then either “Urine” or “Hair”.

Please note: For convenience, Quest has incorporated a list of PREFERRED 3rd PARTY collection sites into this database. However, use of these “Preferred” sites instead of a Quest site will cause a nominal fee to be added to the usual cost of the drug screen. To control your cost, please suggest your applicant visit a Quest collection site if possible.  (Quest sites are those that do not have the word “Preferred” after their name.)