Aptitude Assessments


In addition to the personality and cognitive skills of an individual, a position may require a certain attitude and knowledge beyond basic job-fit. For instance, when dealing with a sales position, while a candidate might fit the sales hiring pattern, they may not possess the experience and acumen critical for a successful professional sales individual.

Aptitude assessments measure the candidate’s specific knowledge, experience and attitude with respect to Leadership, Sales or Customer Service. Each Knowledge Report provides a narrative explaining the individual’s strengths and “learning needs” along with a score pattern that quantifies where the individual is now.



Leadership Aptitude


This survey determines the individual’s knowledge and experience in a position of leadership. The report examines:

  • Attitude / Leadership Personality
  • Time Management
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Staffing
  • Leading
  • Facilitating


Sales Aptitude


The survey examines the acquired cues and sophistication of a professional sales person. The report itemizes:

  • Attitude / Sales Personality
  • Time Management
  • Finding the Suspect / Prospect
  • Determining Needs and Developing Rapport
  • The Sales Presentation
  • Handling Objections
  • Closing the Sale


Customer Service Aptitude


This survey focuses on attributes that come with experience and training in the customer service arena. The report lists:

  • Attitude / Customer Service Personality
  • Time Management
  • Knowledge of Product / Service
  • Developing and Maintaining Rapport
  • Identifying Problems, Needs and Desires
  • Meeting the Customer’s Need and Increasing the Order
  • Order Entry, Fulfillment and Follow Through

“Your assessments are amazing. I actually know both of these women quite well. I’ve known them for years and these scores are spot on!”


Ana C.