Selection Assessments


The Achiever


The Achiever is a nationally recognized instrument that has assisted thousands of companies in selecting their WINNERS. The premier instrument on the market today, it correlates six cognitive learning skills with ten personality dimensions to create a comprehensive, multi-faceted profile of your management or professional-level candidate.



The Guardian


The skilled hourly employee is the backbone of any company.  The Guardian assessment is designed to identify successful performers in positions of staff support and administration.



The Performer


The Performer was developed to answer the needs of two specific areas of employment: Customer Service and Manufacturing & Production. These constitute the largest areas of employment for most companies today, thus the most potential for turnover and lost productivity.



The Scoreboard


Even at the entry level of general labor, employers are looking for certain traits and attitudes, yet they often hire the first person that walks in the door.  A simple 20-minute assessment, the Scoreboard reveals an individual’s work habits, energy level, loyalty and attitude toward authority.



Not just Personality: The Benefits of Cognitive Testing


Pre-employment screening will help your company reduce the amount of hiring mistakes and will actually accelerate your hiring process by allowing you to hire with greater precision. Your company will also benefit from improved employee retention since the people who are being hired are, in fact, right for the job.

Cognitive testing is a very effective predictor of job performance, especially when the position is complex and mentally challenging. The Achiever, Executive Achiever, Sales Achiever, Guardian and Performer all contain some level of cognitive testing. These portions of the assessments measure abilities related to thinking, learning, reasoning, memory, problem solving, perception, reading comprehension and math.


Compare Hire Level assessments here.
Compare Hire Level assessments here.





Jobs have specific ‘personalities’, just as people do. You would not consider a candidate for a sales position if they were quiet and shy. By knowing the traits and ‘personality’ of the job, you can better match the personality of the candidate to the job. Therefore, it becomes important to understand the needs of the job before you institute an assessment program. Developing a benchmark profile will contribute to a more effective selection process, whether for a new hire or an internal promotion.

Our benchmarking service tests your ‘star performers’, in a given position, to establish a hiring pattern exclusive to your company.  This benchmark becomes the basis against which all of your future candidates are compared.

  • Focuses on aptitudes & traits specific to your positions
  • Duplicates proven success by your top performers
  • Reflects your company culture

“Hire Level is a valued part of our screening process of potential employees. As a satisfied customer for many years, we have found the assessment results to be accuratetime and time again while the employees at Hire Level are consistently professional, helpful, and efficient. We highly recommend the services offered at Hire Level to everyone!”

Colleen P.
Human Resources Manager