The Achiever


The Achiever was the first job-fit assessment developed specifically for use in the business environment.  It remains the leading job-fit assessment for business use and provides 6 mental aptitudes and 10 personality dimensions in one behaviorally oriented assessment. Testing applicants with The Achiever provides concrete, job-related feedback by comparing an individual’s scores to the established criteria for success in a specific job.

An organization needs to have as much information as possible to effectively hire, promote and manage their most important asset – people.  The Achiever safeguards objectivity and offers the information that is difficult to unearth during standard interviews. Our assessment delivers an accurate depiction of the strengths and weaknesses of your job candidates, then produces realistic interview questions to narrow the field further before you hire.

The Achiever is a must for Selection, Promotion, Counseling, Training, Interviewing, and Team Building.


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The ExecutiveAchiever

For the Middle to Top Level Executive

According to the Department of Labor, the cost of turning over a top executive ranges from 100% to 150% of their annual salary. Investing in an assessment that includes intellectual measurements may be the single most important factor when hiring for management and leadership. Leadership competencies can be direct predictors of long-term success on the job, but these traits can be very difficult to ascertain through standard means.

By using the Executive Achiever on your top-level candidates, you will reduce the risk of making the wrong selection, decrease the time involved in interviewing and screening your candidates, and ensure the compatibility of your management team. The Executive Achiever is a comprehensive battery of tests designed for senior level decision-makers. This thorough analysis eliminates the need for expensive and time consuming outside psychological assessments and will provide graphical analysis and supporting information on intelligence, knowledge of leadership skills, and a variety of other leadership personality traits.



The Sales Achiever

Measures Sales Potential

Whether your company offers a product or a service, is B2B or B2C, a small specialty company or an expansive, multi-level corporation, someone must sell. Considering the substantial role of the professional salesperson, we have modified The Achiever report to focus on those traits and habits that contribute to success in the sales arena.

The Sales Achiever defines the six Mental Aptitudes and ten Personality Dimensions of the Achiever in terms of closing, cold-calling, prospecting, and overcoming objections. This provides your hiring Sales Managers a highly efficient and objective means of comparing sales candidates.

The narrative report explains each aptitude and personality dimension in a language that is familiar to a Sales Manager. A summary chart offers a graphical analysis of the individual’s scores compared to a desirable benchmark, which can be developed from testing your own successful sales people or comparing them to our database of salespeople who have had proven success in the field.

As in the Achiever, the Sales Achiever provides the interviewer with a set of behavior-based interview questions specifically relevant to sales. It also includes self-development suggestions based on recognized areas of concern and training needs.


Benefits of The Achiever

  • Designed for management, salaried, and professional positions
  • Measures Mental Acuity, Business Terms, Memory Recall, Vocabulary, Numerical Perception, Mechanical Interest
  • Includes 10 Personality Dimensions and 2 Validity Scales
  • Detailed narrative of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses for a specific job
  • Quantitative summary chart, diagramming your candidate’s compatibility with a specific job
  • Training and management suggestions to help “fine tune” your candidate
  • Developmental direction to aid the individual in making minor improvements
  • Behaviorally based interview questions designed to assist you in probing areas of concern
  • Validity scales to indicate the applicant’s candor and resulting accuracy of the assessment
  • Sales and Supervisory Potential Reports outlining areas for growth and improvement
  • Ability to create a custom job pattern or use our validated benchmarks

Compare Hire Level assessments here.
Compare Hire Level assessments here.







“You guys do such a terrific job! I took the Achiever myself back in 1998, and I found it to be so accurate that when I started my own business, I wanted to use that assessment for my client’s applicants, I felt like it would be a time and money saver for them. I have a Masters degree in Industrial Counseling, so validity is critical to me, and I feel like the Achiever is extremely valid. I really appreciate how helpful these tests are.”

Barbara W.