Background Check Products


County Criminal Records

This product includes a 7-year felony and misdemeanor search at the county seat court. Record searches can be conducted for a longer period of time based on client request and pursuant to federal and state laws. Information is obtained through in-person searches at the courthouse or by electronic access. Record contents typically include date of the offense, filing date, description of the offense, disposition, and case number. All 3100+ counties nationwide are available.


Statewide Criminal Search

This search comes directly from the state’s official criminal record repository. Information is compiled from the counties within that state. The repository typically includes felony and misdemeanor information from all or most counties; however, be aware that the repository information may be incomplete if a county fails to provide information to the state repository. In addition, pending and recent charges are routinely missing. Statewide searches are valuable as a supplement to our county criminal records search. Available in most states.


Federal Criminal Records

This is a search of the federal district courts for any criminal charges that fall under federal jurisdiction. These types of crimes include violations of federal law or those crimes that occur on federal property. Examples include tax evasion, treason, drug trafficking, mail or wire fraud, and immigration law violations. All districts nationwide are available.


National (Multi-Jurisdictional) Criminal Database Search

This is a database search for felony and misdemeanor crimes committed in numerous jurisdictions nationwide. Records are indexed from state repositories, state correctional facilities, county records and other additional sources. The availability of records varies greatly from state to state. This is not a true nationwide search of all criminal records, but it is a good supplemental search to our county criminal records search. It can also help identify crimes that occurred in jurisdictions that are not revealed by an application, resumé, or SSN Trace. Any information discovered in a database search is automatically confirmed at the county of origin before being released to the client in order to remain legally compliant.


Sex Offender Registry Search

This search includes a national database search of registered sex offenders. The search reveals individuals that are currently registered as sex offenders; the originating offense may be included depending on the state.  To obtain information about the originating case, we suggest conducting a county criminal records search where the original conviction occurred.  Available in all states.


Homeland Security Search

This product is a search of 137 domestic and international sanctions and exclusions lists, including the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list. This search identifies known individuals or entities not allowed to work or do business with the United States. Our Homeland Security Search satisfies a key component of the USA Patriot Act.



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Our 6-Factor Quality Commitment™

  • Hire Level begins by manually reviewing each and every order that we receive before we begin further research.  This simple but crucial step removes the instances of many data entry errors such as name order errors, misspellings, date or year of birth errors, etc.  If we are not sure, we will contact you immediately to verify that we have the correct information.  We want to get it right the first time – no sense in researching data that may be inaccurate or incomplete!
  • The next step is to then compare the provided information to an instant SSN Trace report.  This critical report reveals all names and aliases associated with your candidate’s SSN.  This again allows us to verify that the data you have provided us is indeed accurate.  The SSN Trace also provides a residence history that is invaluable in uncovering where your candidate has lived.  This is a fundamental building block in conducting a thorough criminal history search.
  • When database searches are requested by the client, we inspect the results thoroughly.  This allows us to determine which records belong to your candidate – and remove the ones that don’t.  It also signals where we should do some further research – including adding any locations or residences that the candidate may have conveniently forgotten to mention.
  • All possible database records are confirmed at the primary source of information before we release it to you.  That ensures that the information you are receiving is accurate, up-to-date, compliant, and actually belongs to your candidate.
  • All of our verifications are performed in-house.  We do not outsource this critical task or off-shore any confidential candidate data.
  • Before your results are delivered, they go through a 2-step quality control process.  All hits are reviewed by a records supervisor for accuracy, clarity and compliance with federal and state laws.


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