The Guardian


The skilled hourly employee is the backbone of any company. Required to handle tasks that are above the typical hourly employee’s ability, yet not an exempt employee, they are hard to find and harder to replace. They are often the pool from which promotions are made, yet they are seldom screened as you would a potential salaried employee.  The Guardian was designed specifically to aid in the hiring decisions for this all-important job level of your company. It is the fastest and most economical way to uncover the applicant’s attitudes toward honesty, reliability, work ethic, ability to get things done, and potential for the future.

It includes the same 10 personality dimensions you find in the Achiever, supplying an objective view of the candidate. The report consists of a quantitative comparison of the applicant’s scores, as well as a brief narrative of each dimension. The Guardian also produces behaviorally based Interview questions specific to your candidate’s weaknesses and strengths. You are now armed with specific questions designed to reveal your candidate’s problems without discriminating.  With the ability to compare your applicant to over 2000 job-specific hiring patterns, this report becomes a powerful tool for that mid-level hiring challenge.

The Guardian also includes a protective tool for the employer. The Direct Admissions Section ensures that all legally allowed questions are asked concerning current drug use, on-the-job alcohol use, and recent acts of theft. Designed with non-inferential questions that do not discriminate, this section helps to safeguard the employer against third-party injury suits.


The Achiever


The Performer


The Scoreboard


Benefits of the Guardian

  • Designed for skilled hourly, administrative, technical and first-line supervisory positions
  • Measures Mental Acuity, Basic Math, Numerical Perception
  • Includes 10 Personality Dimensions and 2 Validity Scales
  • Includes direct admissions questions concerning drugs, alcohol & theft

Compare Hire Level assessments here.
Compare Hire Level assessments here.




“I’m really a believer in your program. I’ve used it before and it works! It sets the applicants apart. The test really pinpoints the personality and the strengths and weaknesses – things that you can’t always get through the interview. You guys have been great!”

Kara S.
County Clerk – County of Cape Gerardeau