Background Checks


Smart companies don’t see background checks as a commodity, but rather an investment in a safe, productive workplace.  Our uniquely hands-on approach, coupled with the efficiency of today’s technology, is what makes our clients’ companies safer places to work. spac




From simple criminal history searches to more complex industry solutions, we offer a full spectrum of products to optimize your hiring process.  Through our 6-Factor Quality Commitment, you can be confident that your hiring decisions are based on accurate, reliable, and compliant information.





Our flexible and streamlined solutions allow you to spend less time wrangling paperwork and more time making important hiring decisions.  Learn more about our paperless applicant solutions.





Central to our commitment to our clients, we maintain strict adherence to the FCRA and all state consumer reporting laws.  Our Compliance page provides critical, relevant information on background checks for both employers and consumers.




Why Use Hire Level?

  • You call, we answer – in 3 rings or less
  • Experienced & knowledgeable – established in 1989
  • FCRA-certified licensed private investigators
  • Unwavering commitment to provide accurate, thorough, efficient, compliant & understandable information
  • Robust technology and integration solutions
  • No setup fees, no monthly fees, no hidden fees
  • Flexibility – WE adapt to YOUR needs, not the other way around
  • Strong focus on client education & knowledge







“I was just sitting here realizing that I have not heard ONE complaint from my team or
any of our thousands of employees about background checks ever since we moved over
to Hire Level. I cannot thank you and your team enough for making this such a painless
effort in the transition and, in turn, making my team’s lives so much easier. Our managers
out in the field never call anymore looking for results or complaining about how long
backgrounds are taking.

Thank you for making me look good! I knew this was the right direction and you guys
did not disappoint. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Jolynda W.
Sr. Vice President, Employee Services