Assess Achiever Band 2




The Achiever


The Achiever was the first job-fit assessment developed specifically for use in the business environment.  It remains the leading job-fit assessment for business use and provides 6 mental aptitudes and 10 personality dimensions in one behaviorally oriented assessment. Testing applicants with The Achiever provides concrete, job-related feedback by comparing an individual’s scores to the established criteria for success in a specific job.

An organization needs to have as much information as possible to effectively hire, promote and manage their most important asset – people.  The Achiever safeguards objectivity and offers the information that is difficult to unearth during standard interviews. Our assessment delivers an accurate depiction of the strengths and weaknesses of your job candidates, then produces realistic interview questions to narrow the field further before you hire.

The Achiever is a must for Selection, Promotion, Counseling, Training, Interviewing, and Team Building.