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The Scoreboard


The greatest turnover is often found at the lowest levels of employment, yet many companies accept it as standard operating procedure. An obvious reason for blue-collar turnover is the lack of screening. Citing time and expense, most employers hesitate to use assessment tools for this level of employment, yet it has been proven that job-fit assessments can reduce turnover, improve crew stability and increase productivity.

Our industrial database includes a wide variety of hiring benchmarks for entry-level positions in multiple industries and job types. Comparing your candidates to these fully validated patterns, you can quickly and accurately determine the right hire and stop making the wrong hire. According to the Department of Labor, the cost of turning over one hourly person ranges from $8,000 – $12,000.

The Scoreboard is available with and without the Direct Admissions questions. The Direct Admissions Section ensures that all legally allowed questions are asked concerning current drug use, on-the-job alcohol use, and recent acts of theft. Designed with non-inferential questions that do not discriminate, this section helps to safeguard the employer against third-party injury suits.