Assess Performer Band 1




The Performer


Improve your company’s performance by placing the right people in the right hourly jobs. All of your company positions will benefit from job-fit testing, not just the salaried or commissioned employees. Studies have shown that selecting the right candidates and placing them into the appropriate hourly jobs will lead to greater work-force stability, higher productivity, and stronger profitability. The Performer was developed to answer the needs of two specific areas of employment: customer service and manufacturing / production. These constitute the largest areas of employment for most companies today – thus the largest potential for turnover and lost productivity. The cost-saving potential of not hiring the wrong candidate far exceeds the nominal cost of this predictive instrument.

Each Performer has an industrial database specific to its area of employment, developed from successful people within each job. When scored, the Customer Service Performer can compare your candidate to customer service oriented jobs in hospitality, retail, food, claims, etc. The Production Performer is for distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, trucking, delivery, etc. Customized patterns can also be developed if your service or production needs are not addressed in our industrial database.

As with the Achiever and Guardian, a brief narrative offers a description of the same 10 personality dimensions and quantifies each dimension in a comparison chart.

The Performer also includes a protective tool for the employer. The Direct Admissions Section ensures that all legally allowed questions are asked concerning current drug use, on-the-job alcohol use, and recent acts of theft. Designed with non-inferential questions that do not discriminate, this section helps to safeguard the employer against third-party injury suits.