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The ExecutiveAchiever


For the Middle to Top Level Executive

According to the Department of Labor, the cost of turning over a top executive ranges from 100% to 150% of their annual salary. Investing in an assessment that includes intellectual measurements may be the single most important factor when hiring for management and leadership. Leadership competencies can be direct predictors of long-term success on the job, but these traits can be very difficult to ascertain through standard means.

By using the Executive Achiever on your top-level candidates, you will reduce the risk of making the wrong selection, decrease the time involved in interviewing and screening your candidates, and ensure the compatibility of your management team. The Executive Achiever is a comprehensive battery of tests designed for senior level decision-makers. This thorough analysis eliminates the need for expensive and time consuming outside psychological assessments and will provide graphical analysis and supporting information on intelligence, knowledge of leadership skills, and a variety of other leadership personality traits.