Background Check Products


Civil Records


County Civil Records

Civil cases include disputes between private citizens, corporations, governmental bodies and other organizations. Types of cases may include employer-employee conflicts, property, personal rights, non-payment of goods, personal injuries, liability suits, or contract disputes. Records are searched on-site at the appropriate court; a seven year history of filings is returned.

Federal Civil Records

Federal civil searches include records that involve alleged violations of federal statutory or constitutional rights, potential damages of over $75,000, or cases between two parties of different states or countries. Examples of federal civil cases include violations of civil rights, actions against the federal government, interstate commerce, anti-trust activity and violation of federal codes. Cases are searched at the appropriate district court for the past 7 years.


Driving Records


Driving records are strongly recommended whenever you have an employee who drives on company time, whether in a company or personal vehicle. Most states include a minimum of 3 years history, although some may include more. Reports typically include the license status, history of violations (including DUI/DWI) and accidents, and license expiration date. Driving records are also useful for general verification purposes, such as confirmation of subject’s name, AKA or date of birth.

Instant results are available from almost every state. Records from Canada and some U.S. territories are also available.

Annual / Periodic Driving Record Service

For those employers who need to review employee driving records on an annual or periodic basis, Hire Level offers the ability to submit driving record batch requests. This convenient solution greatly reduces data entry time. In addition, results are typically returned to you within 24 hours and will include a single spreadsheet summary of each individual’s driving status and violation history, making the review of those records extremely efficient.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires a three-year driving history on all driver applicants. Clients that employ DOT-regulated drivers can maintain compliance with DOT regulations by obtaining a driving record from every state in which a driver has held a license in the last three years. The CDLIS will search the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) mandated CDLIS database to identify every state in which a driver has held a license. Using this information, Achievement Tec will then pull a driving record from each of those states for the employer to review.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) allows motor carriers to obtain five years of crash data and three years of roadside inspection data on prospective drivers.  PSP information is obtained from the FMCSA’s Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) and includes 5 years of DOT reportable crash data (if any) and 3 years of roadside inspection data (if any).


Workers’ Compensation Claims History


Employers may request Workers’ Compensation reports to determine if an applicant can perform the essential functions of a job with reasonable accommodations. Record contents vary from state to state, but will typically include date of injury, time lost, employer name, type of injury, body part and job related disability.

Please note that Worker’s Compensation information is considered to be health and disability related under the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). To be in compliance, this product is available only after tentative or permanent job offer has been made to the applicant. Once a job offer has been made, an employer may inquire about health or disability information if such inquiry is related to the specific job and performance requirements. This information should be asked for on a separate health and disability questionnaire. Previous Workers’ Compensation filings are NOT grounds to refuse employment to an applicant, but are used to determine the ability to perform essential job function.

Workers’ Compensation claims records may not be available in all states.


International Searches


Hire Level can conduct court records searches, employment verification and education confirmation in many countries throughout the world. Availability, turnaround time and cost vary significantly based on the country. For specific information regarding international searches, please contact our office.

Court Records

Criminal and civil court records are available in most countries. Turnaround time may range from a few days to a few weeks. Local, regional and/or national courts may be accessed for information. Due to privacy laws in other countries, a copy of the applicant’s signed release or other information may be required.

Verifications & References

Verification of international employment and education are becoming more common as the global economy emerges. Our international verifications are performed in-house or with the assistance of in-country agents or translators when necessary. Applicants’ personally identifiable information (PII) is never outsourced to overseas researchers except in rare, specific circumstances. Due to privacy laws in other countries, a copy of the applicant’s signed release, as well as other documentation, may be required.



Learn why all background checks are not created equal!

Our 6-Factor Quality Commitment™

  • Hire Level begins by manually reviewing each and every order that we receive before we begin further research.  This simple but crucial step removes the instances of many data entry errors such as name order errors, misspellings, date or year of birth errors, etc.  If we are not sure, we will contact you immediately to verify that we have the correct information.  We want to get it right the first time – no sense in researching data that may be inaccurate or incomplete!
  • The next step is to then compare the provided information to an instant SSN Trace report.  This critical report reveals all names and aliases associated with your candidate’s SSN.  This again allows us to verify that the data you have provided us is indeed accurate.  The SSN Trace also provides a residence history that is invaluable in uncovering where your candidate has lived.  This is a fundamental building block in conducting a thorough criminal history search.
  • When database searches are requested by the client, we inspect the results thoroughly.  This allows us to determine which records belong to your candidate – and remove the ones that don’t.  It also signals where we should do some further research – including adding any locations or residences that the candidate may have conveniently forgotten to mention.
  • All possible database records are confirmed at the primary source of information before we release it to you.  That ensures that the information you are receiving is accurate, up-to-date, compliant, and actually belongs to your candidate.
  • All of our verifications are performed in-house.  We do not outsource this critical task or off-shore any confidential candidate data.
  • Before your results are delivered, they go through a 2-step quality control process.  All hits are reviewed by a records supervisor for accuracy, clarity and compliance with federal and state laws.