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SSN Trace

A Social Security Number (SSN) Trace is an invaluable tool used to identify names and addresses that are historically associated with a given Social Security Number. Information is generally compiled from credit headers and other public and private information sources. It will also suggest previously used names or other aliases that should be researched.

This search will reveal when and where a SSN was issued, as well as alert clients to any particular problems, such as SSNs that have never been issued, those that were issued to a deceased person, or SSNs that were issued before an applicant was born. The SSN Trace is a crucial component of criminal history research as the address history is the roadmap used to select court jurisdictions that should be researched for criminal records.

Clients who order a SSN Trace online can view the results instantly, allowing them to use that information for criminal history ordering purposes.

Our SSN Trace report will typically show:

  • If the social security number has been validly issued
  • Year in which the SSN was issued
  • What state the SSN was issued in
  • If that number belongs to someone deceased
  • Addresses where the applicant has lived or might be living now
  • Aliases, previous names, AKAs, misspelled names, changed identity
  • Dates of birth associated with that SSN

SSN Verification – CBSV

With the consent of the SSN holder, the CBSV search will verify if the SSN holder’s name, date of birth, and SSN match Social Security Administration (SSA) records. CBSV returns a verification of “match” or “no match.” If records show that the SSN holder is deceased, CBSV returns a death indicator.  CBSV does not verify an individual’s identity; it only matches provided identifiers to SSA records.


Employment Credit Reports

Employers commonly use credit reports for situations where employees may have access to cash, equipment, or other people’s property. In these situations, an employer’s knowledge of the applicant’s credit history may be prudent. The TransUnion employment credit report header consists of name, current address, previous addresses, SSN, and may also include the following: phone, current employer, up to three previous employers, and aliases. The credit file includes certain public records, such as bankruptcy records and tax liens, along with a credit summary regarding number of trades, past due or negative accounts, and total indebtedness. You will also receive specific details on each individual trade. This credit report is designed for employment purposes, so it does not place an inquiry on the applicant’s report and no credit worthiness score is included.

Clients who order employment credit reports online can view the results of the report instantly.



“We have found valuable insight in the reports we have received from Hire Level. Our clients place their trust in us that we have done our due diligence to ensure that their data is safe and we turn to Achievement Tec to help us do that.

Their thorough background checks alert us to potential problems and their personality tests provide guidance as to specific areas in which we need to inquire about with our applicants. Without these reports, there definitely would have been aspects of applicant backgrounds or personalities that we would not have dove into and thus may not have hired the most appropriate person for the position. Their partnership is integral to us finding applicants that work best for the position we have available.”

Heather C.
VP Operations



Learn why all background checks are not created equal!

Our 6-Factor Quality Commitment™

  • Hire Level begins by manually reviewing each and every order that we receive before we begin further research.  This simple but crucial step removes the instances of many data entry errors such as name order errors, misspellings, date or year of birth errors, etc.  If we are not sure, we will contact you immediately to verify that we have the correct information.  We want to get it right the first time – no sense in researching data that may be inaccurate or incomplete!
  • The next step is to then compare the provided information to an instant SSN Trace report.  This critical report reveals all names and aliases associated with your candidate’s SSN.  This again allows us to verify that the data you have provided us is indeed accurate.  The SSN Trace also provides a residence history that is invaluable in uncovering where your candidate has lived.  This is a fundamental building block in conducting a thorough criminal history search.
  • When database searches are requested by the client, we inspect the results thoroughly.  This allows us to determine which records belong to your candidate – and remove the ones that don’t.  It also signals where we should do some further research – including adding any locations or residences that the candidate may have conveniently forgotten to mention.
  • All possible database records are confirmed at the primary source of information before we release it to you.  That ensures that the information you are receiving is accurate, up-to-date, compliant, and actually belongs to your candidate.
  • All of our verifications are performed in-house.  We do not outsource this critical task or off-shore any confidential candidate data.
  • Before your results are delivered, they go through a 2-step quality control process.  All hits are reviewed by a records supervisor for accuracy, clarity and compliance with federal and state laws.