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    Thank you for your interest in taking the Achiever 'job-fit' assessment. Our assessments were designed to aid employers in selecting, promoting and managing personnel. We offer a free assessment because we want you to experience the process and see firsthand the level of accuracy and information available to employers before you make that next hiring decision.

    We would appreciate some basic contact information before directing you to the sample assessment. Once you have completed the sample assessment, we request the privilege of speaking with you about the results in order for you to receive the most from this exercise. Prior to our call, we will forward a copy of the completed report so you may review it before we speak. We appreciate this opportunity to share our services with your company. There is no obligation to you beyond this sample assessment, however we believe you will see the advantage of adding our assessments to your current hiring procedure.

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    Disclaimer: This assessment is complimentary and intended for people who are evaluating the use of assessments within their organization. The complimentary assessment is not for job seekers or for entertainment.